Why you might want to think about eco paint

Why think about eco paint? Well, you might want to make your house ‘greener’ and more environmentally friendly.


Perhaps you don’t get on with traditional paints and the chemicals that they are made with.


It’s also a fact that the European Union has for some time prioritized the levels of harmful chemicals that paint can contain. So, for example, the amount of solvents like white spirit, have steadily been reduced, as have other chemicals traditionally used in paint manufacture.


Perhaps with your next project you want to make sure that you are doing your best for your family’s health and welfare. Traditional paint can, for example, aggravate asthma or cause some dizziness in people sensitive to it.


But it can be difficult and confusing when you’re faced with the variety of products on the market labelled as ‘eco-friendly’ or ‘green’ or even ‘organic’. Which is where we come in.


Because we pride ourselves on how closely we work with our customers to achieve the best results for them, we will guide you through the potential minefield that choosing eco paint can be.


It’s easy to be puzzled by the range of ingredients and the variety of labels and logos. However, we will work with you on your project from the very beginning, agreeing your needs and wishes. Based on that, we will help you choose just the right products to achieve the best results for you. We use, for example, trusted quality products such as Earthborn, Auro, Ecos and Dulux Ecosure.


We know that you want what is best for you and yours. And we want what is best for you as our valued customer. As with all our services we offer a free consultation, so get in touch with Paintforme today and see how eco paint can improve your life.

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