4 seasons by PAINTFORME®

Season 3. Autumn is red

Autumn, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


Summer holidays seem long ago as we dig out those coats, scarves and boots that have been tucked away since spring.


The nights begin to draw in noticeably and we begin to think about warmth and comfort.  Nature plays its part and treats us to a kaleidoscope of colour, as the greens of summer turn to gold, brown and especially red. It’s the colour of ripening fruit, of fire and warmth and the festivities to come.


And with the new season, why not think about a rich autumn palette for your home inspired by nature?


Red makes a bold statement in your hallway and will give a warm welcome to your guests with a sense of occasion. Red draws people together and so it works very well in kitchen and dining rooms but it also increases appetite, so watch the urge for that extra helping of pudding! Use it as an accent in a neutral room, or choose a darker red for bigger areas of colour. Beware though, red makes the heart beat faster.


Like all colours, there are many shades of red and this opens up a host of choices when thinking of complementary colours. Brighter reds work well with neutral colours, while deeper, wine reds are the perfect companions to autumn shades of yellow, gold, orange and even green and misty grey.


Red is a vibrant colour, giving energy and radiating warmth and luxury. It is also, of course, the signal of danger and alarm, so use it with care! Or better still, speak to the experts about how to use this bold, stimulating colour to bring the new season into your home. We provide Colour Consultation and we will help you in choosing the right colour of red for your interior.


Expert painting and decorating services, consultations, labour and materials are at the heart of our renowned service, but did you know that for those needing a little help we offer credit facilities? You can spread your bill over 3-6 monthly payments, and what’s more, it’s interest free!


Call Paintforme today to help you enjoy autumn in warmth and luxury. Now where did I put that scarf…?



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