4 seasons by PAINTFORME®

Season 2. Summer is yellow

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…


So wrote George Gershwin. He may have been right. What is certainly right is that in summertime, the livin’ should be colourful.


Whatever summer might be doing outside, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be summer in your own home. And with some fresh new colours, you could be transported to a world of sunshine, relaxation and thoughts of holidays or fun-filled family occasions outdoors.


Tints, tones and shades of yellow always speak of summer and are guaranteed to lift your mood. They echo the sun and bring the same happiness, relaxation and feel-good sensations, as if you were outside on a warm sunny day.

What’s more, studies show that yellow brings cheerfulness and boosts your mental and physical wellbeing. It stimulates your memory, builds confidence and brings people together. That’s’ not bad for one colour!


These qualities are ideal for certain rooms in your home, especially your game room, your hallway, bathroom and more importantly your kitchen, as it is associated with food. These are rooms where you want to combine relaxation with an uplifting mood. Where you want to relax but feel full of life.


To complete the picture, think about some of the complementary colours of summer. Blues and greens evoke glorious skies and luxurious seas, while whites suggest endless days on perfect beaches. And recreate those beautiful sunsets that remain long in the memory with reds, browns and greys.


Best of all, why not relax for real and let someone else create your summertime home for you while you’re away on holiday? Paintforme offers the perfect summertime service. Not only will we work with you to plan your perfect colour scheme, but the work will be carried out according to the highest professional standards.

These standards include our promise to deliver your project on time and to budget, to make sure your home is treated with the utmost care and respect and is left as tidy as you left it, and to use the correct type of quality materials for your personal long-lasting satisfaction and happiness. Finally, please note that all work is carried out according to the latest government guidelines for Covid-19.


So, why not enjoy your summertime and let Paintforme bring some of that summer livin’ into your home.

Call Paintforme today for your summertime colour consultation.



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