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Chapter 1. DIY Home Painting 

Being under lockdown has made me do a BIG spring clean, and it has never ever been as big as this one! But what else is there to do with all this free time. Cleaning and working room by room, from one corner to another, I realised that many surfaces have become worn and are in need of a fresh coat of paint. Don’t ask me why, but everything seems different when you have more time to look at it and also when the sun is out and shining through the windows.


I expect many people might have done the same thing - The big spring clean, and all the discoveries that this can bring.


There are some jobs that I can do myself around the house, but I won’t touch cables and pipes. I strongly recommend that you also leave them alone. But painting is worth a try!

It’s a craft where you learn the basics over the first three years, before becoming an expert after around 15 to 20 years. But you don’t need to be an expert to paint a room, so why not give it a go.


Being a professional painter made me wonder what sort of issues/problems people face when organising DIY painting. I started remembering all the questions my clients have asked over the years, and the advice I have given them. I also thought I would do a bit of research and asked some neighbours and friends about their experiences and the most pressing questions they might have about it.


They came back with many stories and questions, which was great – thank you all!


I therefore decided to share and discuss some of the questions and most common problems and issues with you through a series of practical and helpful guides, tips and blogs.


Here are some for example:


How long does paint take to dry?

How many coats should I apply?

What brand works best?

Painting around light switches and plug sockets. Should I use tape or unscrew them?

How to cut-in edges and corners?

How to prepare a wall for painting?


Some of you might be getting paint brushes out for the first time, others may be carrying on from where they left last time and giving the house a good lick of paint again. Either way, I wanted to share some good professional advice on how to approach the task and get the best result possible with your home painting.


In the next chapter I will discuss and give expert tips on choosing the right Paint & Finishes. Other chapters will then follow on Paint Colours, Protection, Preparation and Painting, as well as a few short videos on home painting tips.


Carry on and think about home painting!


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