Green is the colour of spring and can be such a versatile colour in the home


Spring! One of our favourite times of the year is only just around the corner, and two words bring it alive as we look ahead – fresh and green.

Spring is in the air! During Spring nature comes alive, the ground filling with colour as flowers and grass begin to grow.  We begin to venture away from the cosy indoors and spend more time outdoors.  On a sunny spring weekend you can hear the relaxing hum of lawn mowers and smell the scent of cut grass.  Research has shown that the smell of cut grass can make us happier and reduce stress.  Trees are coming into leaf and green is all around as new life begins. So, as we look forward to the green shoots of Spring, why not start planning for that fresh start with PAINTFORME®?

Green is the colour of nature and can be such a versatile colour in the home. It symbolises renewal and growth. It’s known as the most restful colour for the human eye. It relaxes, it cools, it reassures and yet it can be a lively colour. Because it lies in the centre of the colour spectrum, it represents balance.

As such, it can work best in those rooms of your home – the kitchen, bedroom and the entrance hall. The right shade of green can bring a new life to each of these spaces and create a unique atmosphere. Reassurance is perfect for your entrance hall, whether for you returning home or welcoming guests. Your bedroom will be the restful, relaxing space you need away from the stresses of daily life. And green can cool you down in the heat of the kitchen.

Green works well with other greens as well as tints and shades of red, yellow, blue and brown. Green is a combination of the two colours, blue and yellow.

This might all sound a bit complex but don’t worry. A colour consultant with the right experience can simplify all this for you, because picking just the right paint colour for the mood you want is important. No home is exactly the same and the way that light plays on the walls of each room will be different. An experienced eye will see this and help you make the right choices. We provide Colour Consultation and we could help you in choosing the right paint colour of green for your interior. Spring is the season that has always inspired the Spring clean, and what better time to give your home a fresh start?

Spring brings longer and stronger hours of sunlight, and it helps us emerge from our ‘winter bodies’. Body temperature rises, blood vessels dilate, blood pressure sinks. The light causes the body to release more of the ‘activity hormone’ serotonin while the amount of melatonin is still very high. In other words, we feel alive and ready for a fresh start. And your house deserves a fresh start too. So while you’re thinking of spring, think painting too!


Summertime, and the livin’ is easy...

So wrote George Gershwin. He may have been right. What is certainly right is that in summertime, the livin’ should be colourful.

Whatever summer might be doing outside, there’s no reason that it shouldn’t be summer in your own home. And with some fresh new colours, you could be transported to a world of sunshine, relaxation and thoughts of holidays or fun-filled family occasions outdoors.

Tints, tones and shades of yellow always speak of summer and are guaranteed to lift your mood. They echo the sun and bring the same happiness, relaxation and feel-good sensations as if you were outside on a warm sunny day.

What’s more, studies show that yellow brings cheerfulness and boosts your mental and physical wellbeing. It stimulates your memory, builds confidence and brings people together. That’s’ not bad for one colour!

These qualities are ideal for certain rooms in your home, especially your living room, your hallway and especially your kitchen, as it is associated with food. These are rooms where you want to combine relaxation with an uplifting mood. Where you want to relax but feel full of life.

To complete the picture, think of complementary colours of summer. Blues and greens evoke glorious skies and luxurious seas, while whites suggest endless days on perfect beaches. And recreate those beautiful sunsets that remain long in the memory with reds, browns and greys.

Best of all, why not relax for real and let someone else create your summertime home for you while you’re on holiday? Paintforme offers the perfect summertime service. Not only will we work with you to plan your perfect colour scheme but we will carry out the work to the highest professional standards.

Those standards include our promise to deliver your project on time and to budget, to make sure your home is treated with the utmost respect and left completely tidy, and to use the quality materials for your long-lasting satisfaction and happiness.

So why not enjoy your summertime while Paintforme brings some of that summer livin’ into your home? What could be easier? It seems Gershwin was right after all.

Call Paintforme today for your summertime colour consultation.